Honey or sting?

An insight I just had some hours ago, while reflecting about many things currently happening in my life.

I just got myself in front of a bee while practing German language and the question “what does it mean?” came to my mind.

From the first association to a bee making the honey, more metaphors came as I started to reflect. Hard work, productivity, sweetness, delight, enjoy the sweetness of life.

Well, the bee could also bite me, using its sting. OK, and for the bee, which one is more important: find the flowers to make the honey or use its sting biting everyone around?

It made me remember the possibility to choose the results I want in my life, search for the flowers instead of search for reasons to use the sting to injure others around me. What do I need to produce honey? And what are the flowers?

Surely, I’ll never forget this lesson!

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That dark moment in the end

How are you doing? A long time without posting, right? Yeah, things have been going crazy on last months and a new journey is starting in my life, full of fights.

A great lesson these fights taught me remembers an insight I got reading Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist: the darkest moment of the night is when it’s getting close to the morning sunshine.

That moment when we are close of what we’ve been dreaming, after a long path and lots of fights, dealing with uncertainties…you know, it’s when we have to test what we learned along the way and show how much we’re committed. that time we have to correct the last steps until the destination we aim.

How do you deal with such moments?

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Critics are like barkings! Don’t give a damn!

A long time with no post, right? These last months have been crazy, one very good new I received (a dream coming true) and a lot of things to take care for my next adventures.

One insight I had during my current challenges: those who criticize you are like dogs barking onto you!

They bark and as you walk some meters away from them, they keep behind, stuck, barking and barking on their limits**.

So, keep on moving along your way! Needless to say I don’t care what others say about me!

**By limits we can understand the comfort zone, the fears, the attachments, everything that keeps someone stuck.

Just waiting to share some good news soon,

My crazy self!

What are you willing to give up?

Do you feel that desire to have everything? We can have all we want, since we have a clear picture of what we have to give up. Such a paradox, right?

What’s really useful and practical to achieve what you want? Simplify is the keyword!

Even if you want to be famous and rich, you have to give up the approval of many others who are going to disencourage you, for example.

What are you willing to give up?

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What are your rituals?

Why talk about rituals? In religion, in our personal creeds and faith, on celebrations, etc. we are surrounded by rituals and many times we don’t notice how they spice up our lives with joy and passion.

Through yoga, exercices, journaling, making love, enjoying time alone or with friends, listening to music, dancing…Everything that makes you feel good can be a ritual.

Rituals make our lives special, makes us connect with something bigger than us, align us to what has a meaning.

What are your daily rituals?

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Our personal legend

One of the big insights I got from the Paulo Coelho’s book The Alchemist. We all have a personal legend, our dreams that we want to see coming true one day, a mission to fulfill along our lives.

How do we discover our personal legend? It’s simply written, maktub, a concept that westerners mostly have difficult to comprehend. It’s that dream we had during childhood and gave it up to “become adult”, you know?

It’s our intuition pointing out experiences, decisions, persons and situations that we have never thought of. It’s in the signs expressed in our dreams, our emotions, our vibrations.

Are you listening to your calling? Really? We all have and that’s makes us happy and alive.  Have you been open enough to receive your callings?

Don’t ignore your legend! Be remarkable for what’s meaningful for you!

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Ignore our purpose = smoking

A great insight I had reading Brené Brown’s book The Gifts of Imperfection. Just like on cigarrete’s packages, we read phrases like “smoking kills/causes cancer…whatever!”

In a similar thought, Brené remembers (not reproducing exactly as she wrote on the book) that “not following our purpose kills us inside, makes us boring, annoying, depressed, depressing, irritated and irritating”

Do you want to become this kind of person?

So, don’t ignore your call! Follow your heart!

Following my heart,

André :)))

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